Item  Fee
 Auto body shop or auto repair shop initial application and license  $200
 Auto body or auto repair shop license, transfer  $100
 Auto body shop or auto repair shop license, renewal (every 2 years)  $200
 Birth record, Amending record of an illegitimate child subsequently legitimized  $50
 Birth record, Correcting errors  $50
 Birth record, Certified copy  $15
 Birth record, Delayed entry  $50
 Cemetery deed  $25
 Constables’ credentials  $180
 Death record, Correcting errors  $50
 Death record, Certified copy  $15
 Declaration of trust, Filing an amendment or copy of a (M.G.L.A. c. 182 § 2)  $40
 Doing Business As (DBA) certificate, Filing  $50
 Doing Business As (DBA) certificate, Certified copy  $10
Doing Business As (DBA), Filing change of residence, discontinuance, retirement, withdrawal or change of location  $15
 Drainlayer’s license  $250
 Filing and indexing assignment for the benefit of creditors  $15
 Hawker and peddler license  $125
 Intelligence offices license  $125
 Junk dealer license  $175
 Junk collector license  $95
 Mail processing fee  $5
 Marriage certificate filed by persons married out of the Commonwealth  $50
 Marriage certificate, Certified copy  $15
 Marriage intention  $40
 Marriage license, Correcting errors  $50
 Osteopath Certificate of Registration  $25
 Optometry Certificate of Registration, Filing and issuing certified copy  $25
 Pawnbroker’s license  $100
 Podiatry certificate  $25
 Power of attorney, Recording  $40
 Private livery of vehicle license, each vehicle  $60
 Private livery vehicle driver’s license  $20
 Raffle or bazaar permit (New)  $50
 Raffle or bazaar permit (Renewal)  $10
 Recording order granting location of poles, piers, abutments or conduits, or alterations or transfers, and increase number of wires and cables or attachments under the provisions of M.G.L.A. c. 166 § 22  $70
  1. For each street or way included in such order, an additional $30
Receiving and filing of a complete inventory of all items to be included in a closing out sale, going out of business sale, discontinuance of business sale, selling out sale, liquidation sale, lost our lease sale, must vacate sale, forced out sale, or other designation of like meaning, per page  $8
Rezoning applications  
  1. Fee paid to planning board $250
  2. Fee paid to city clerk $250
 Taxi cab license, each vehicle  $60
 Taxi cab driver’s license $20
 Additional fee for temporary license   $15
 Transient vendor’s license  $190
 Vital records, Geneology research  $15
 Vital records, Copying any manuscript or record pertaining to  $6
 Zoning book  $25
 Recording any other documents:  
  1. First page  $40
  2. Each additional page  $6
 For a complete list of all city fees, see the Appendix A Fee Schedule