Annual City Census

As mandated by the Commonwealth, the Annual Street Listing is mailed on a yearly basis to approximately 50,000 households in the City of Fall River.

  • Designed to identify all residents of the City and determine their current place of residence.
  • Allows the Board of Elections to monitor the total population and maintain the list of active voters in the City.
  • State and federal programs use census statistics as a fair way to distribute funds for health, education, senior citizen needs, veterans’ benefits, infrastructure, job training, and school lunch programs.

Q&A Municipal Census FAG

Didn’t receive a form?

Call the Board of Elections at 508-324-2630 and a form will be mailed to you or click on the icon to download the 2022 Annual Street Listing

What you need to do:

Upon receipt of the census form, residents review it and make any necessary corrections such as occupation, apartment number, new family members, dates of birth, or deaths.

  • Anyone temporarily away from home including students, men and women serving in the armed forces or federal personnel who wish to be counted as a resident of Fall River should be listed with their parents or other relatives.
  • Once completed, forms must be returned to the Board of Elections. All forms, including those without corrections, need to be returned in order for our office to update the current census information.

2023 Municipal Census Form

Returning the forms promptly:

  • By mail to the Board of Elections in the provided envelope.
  • At Government Center in the drop-off boxes located in the main lobby and the Board of Elections Office, Room 636.
  • Local establishments: the Board of Elections will keep Drop-Off Boxes at the following locations until April 30th:

Chaves Market, 49 Columbia Street
Seabra Supermarket, 440 Stafford Road
Shaw’s Supermarket, 4171 North Main Street or 465 William S. Canning Boulevard
Stop & Shop Supermarket, 213 Mariano S. Bishop Boulevard or 501 Rodman Street