Operating under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, Section 38, the Board of Assessors of the City of Fall River is committed to the fair and equitable assessment of all property, both real and personal, at its full and fair cash value, forming the basis for local property taxes. This crucial financial responsibility includes conducting a comprehensive revaluation every five years, ensuring all property values are up-to-date and subsequently certified by the State Department of Revenue. The Assessor’s Office, serving as a vital component of the Financial Services Team, upholds its mission to discover, record, and value all property within Fall River, strictly adhering to state laws and Department of Revenue guidelines. Central to its function is the commitment to efficiently, courteously, and professionally address citizen needs and concerns, offering experienced responses to various inquiries. The office maintains consistent availability with at least two on-duty staff members, tackling every study, analysis, and project with thoroughness and precision, as if preparing each for historical record.


One Government Center
Room 313
Fall River, MA 02722