The Treasurer's Office in the City of Fall River oversees a comprehensive range of financial transactions, including the collection, disbursement, transfer, investment, and borrowing of city funds. Acting as the custodian, it manages all bank and trust fund accounts and bequests, necessitating weekly internal reconciliations and monthly cross-verification with bank statements. It also orchestrates the preparation of documents for bond issues and temporary borrowing, diligently maintaining records of all municipal debt and ensuring timely payments throughout the year. Furthermore, the office handles delinquent real estate properties in Tax Title, processing payments made to the Treasurer's office, and, under suitable conditions, negotiates installment payment agreements with taxpayers, which mandate a minimum down payment and ongoing monthly installments. The office is proactive in commencing tax foreclosure proceedings at Boston's Land Court for lingering unpaid Tax Title accounts.


One Government Center
Room 215
Fall River, MA 02722