Building Inspectors

The Building Inspectors, governed by specific local ordinances and state laws, play a pivotal role in enforcing a wide array of regulations within the city. Their responsibilities are extensive, covering the enforcement of the Massachusetts State Building Code, provisions for handicapped access, local zoning ordinances, and various applicable sections of Massachusetts General Law. This enforcement ensures the meticulous adherence to safety standards, accessibility, and legal compliance across all construction projects and structural modifications within their jurisdiction.

Concurrently, these inspectors are charged with upholding rigorous standards pertaining to the structural soundness and safety protocols of both residential and commercial entities. They oversee the issuance of an array of permits, covering everything from general building specifications to specific requirements for wiring, plumbing, gas, and signage. Their duties extend beyond permit allocation, encompassing comprehensive plan reviews, detailed on-site inspections, management of construction alterations and repairs, and oversight of changes in property use and demolitions. They are also pivotal in addressing zoning violations and conducting annual safety inspections for businesses accessible to the public, ensuring each establishment meets the city's stringent regulations for safety and public accessibility. Through these dedicated efforts, Building Inspectors serve as the city's first line of defense against structural compromises and safety violations.


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