Plumbing & Gas

We are responsible for the enforcement of the Massachusetts building codes applicable to plumbing and for enforcement of related ordinances in the City of Fall River.

The Inspectional Services Department is mandated by local ordinances and state law to fulfill very specific rules and regulations regarding the safe construction of buildings, certifications of structures – residential and commercial, habitability of dwelling units, enforcement of state sanitary codes, testing of weighing devices, signage, and occupancy permits as well as enforcing the City of Fall River Zoning Ordinances.

Plumbing & Gas Inspector issues permits for installation of gas piping and appliances, plumbing. Inspections are performed as required to safeguard compliance with State Codes, and final inspections are conducted for the purpose of issuance of a certificate of occupancy. All complaints and violations are investigated and corrected or reported to the proper authorities.



One Government Center
Room 524
Fall River, MA 02722