City Fire Department: Division Briefs

  1. Emergency Management Agency (EMA): The EMA manages emergencies by maintaining readiness, creating response strategies, and educating the community. It develops emergency plans, conducts drills, and collaborates with other agencies during crises.

  2. Fire Prevention Division: This division prevents fires by enforcing codes, performing inspections, and investigating fire causes. It offers public education, guides safe practices, and assesses construction plans for fire safety compliance.

  3. Training Division: The Training Division provides ongoing training for firefighters, including basic and advanced courses. It uses simulations to prepare personnel for a variety of emergency situations.

  4. Safe Stations Program: Fire stations serve as resources for individuals seeking help with substance abuse or personal crises. These stations support initial assessments and connect individuals with appropriate care and resources.

  5. Special Service Unit (SSU): The SSU responds to specialized emergencies beyond regular firefighting. This team manages situations such as hazardous materials incidents, technical rescues, and search and rescue operations, using advanced equipment.

Each division reinforces the City Fire Department's dedication to community safety and effective emergency response.