Special Service Unit

The Fire Department Special Service Unit is a volunteer group that is part of the Fall River Emergency Management Agency and works under the auspices of the City of Fall River and the Fall River Fire Department and is under the Command of Richard S. Aguiar the Director of Emergency Management and the Deputy Chief of Special Services.

Special Services consist of 2 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 14 Privates and 3 specialized vehicles, which provide Rehab for our firefighters, lighting on emergency scenes and specific services to assist fire, police, and other municipal agencies that request our services. Special Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Last year the Special Service Members responded to 64 emergency and public service calls.

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Rehab l 
The first vehicle is identified as Rehab 1. Rehab 1 is a specialized vehicle that provides full Rehab to our public safety officials within our city and the surrounding communities that request our assistance. Rehab 1 responds to all working structure fires. It has an on board commercial coffee maker to provide hot beverages. We also carry cold bottled water, bottled Gatorade, and a variety of snacks. We also have the capability to heat food if necessary. In addition, this vehicle is equipped with an on-board PTO, 2 portable generators a 3500 and a 7500-watt generator, portable lights, blankets for displaced families. Rehab 1 also can be used as an Incident Command Center. It is equipped with a computer, printer MEMA radios, and portable radios. We also carry a rehab tent, misting fans, benches, chairs, wet and dry towels, 2 medical cots, fans and heaters.

Lighting 1/ Rehab Unit  
Lighting 1, is primarily a Lighting Unit that responds to all working structure fires during the evening hours to provide lighting for our firefighters. We also respond to vehicle accidents, crime scenes and public events that request generator power and lighting. Although Lighting 1 is primarily a Lighting Unit, it can act as a Rehab Unit as well. Lighting 1 is equipped with 2 portable generators, portable lighting, blankets, a rehab tent, chairs, benches, towels and snacks.

Special Operations 1
The third vehicle is Special Operations 1. This vehicle carries all necessary equipment for Rehab and Lighting Operation and is a Mass Casualty Vehicle.
Emergency Response Trailer and Light Tower  

Our Emergency response trailer is equipped with 30 cots and 100 blankets for shelter operations. In addition, the trailer carries a 6500-watt generator, a submersible pump, portable lights, a misting fan, benches, tables, chairs, cooking utensils and hot plates in the event we have a major fire.

The Light Tower responds to all major incidents or public events within Fall River and our surrounding communities that request additional lighting the unit can be towed by a vehicle.

1100-Watt Generator


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Deputy Chief Richard S. Aguiar
Director of Emergency Management
Fire Department Headquarters
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