In the Line of Duty

In appreciating the sacrifice of fallen firefighters, this segment serves us as a constant memorial to those who have given their lives protecting and ensuring the safety of the City of Fall River which they serve. The significance of their contributions cannot be minimized, and while they will be dearly missed, their legacy lives on in the spirit of those who continue to serve.

Bell cast in 1874, Installed in Niagara Fire Station in 1877, Removed in the early 1960’s, Monument dedicated on 6/28/70, Founded in 1971

NAME Capt. DOB Appointment Date DOD Assignment Station Assignment Company Location of Incident How Death Occurred
William C. Buckley Pvt.     1926 or 10/5/20,       8/16/23,           8/29/28 in Oak Grove Cemetery        
Robert T. Mitchell Capt.     4/5/23 in Oak Grove Cemetery        
Arthur C. Lovenbury Pvt. 35 yrs old 8-year veteran 2/28/1928   Pumper 11 Driver Collapsed on  Franklin St. From pneumonia 26 days after fighting the 2/2/28 Conflagration
Edward W. Shaw Sr. Pvt.     5/8/1945 in Notre Dame Cemetery        
James F. McCabe Pvt. 6/6/1896 2/2/1920 11/17/1955 (Approx. 6:30 p.m.) Stanley Street Pumper 12 Opposite 1244  President Ave  
59 yrs old 35-year veteran
Michael P. Mullarkey Pvt. 5/22/1922 Reserve: 2/12/1956 1/2/1964 Center Ladder 1 182 Second St. Heart Attack
41 yrs old Permanent 10/7/1956         8-year veteran
Edward J. Reney Pvt. 4/18/1921 2/2/1948                          16-year veteran 11/29/1964 Stafford Square Pumper 7 Stafford Mills        County St. Killed, accidentally run over by fire truck while helping to back up Pumper 7 at the fire scene.
James F. Eastwood Pvt.   10/10/1948          20-year veteran 4/30/1968 Stafford Square Pumper 7 30 Marchand St. Heart attack in fire station after assisting in the rescue of a woman at the fire scene.
John P. Clifford* Pvt. 4/15/1889   3/17/1926 Cascade Ladder (Driver) or Hose A (Driver) Division, Hunter & South Main St. Saint Anne’s Hospital
36 yrs old
Walter J. Pietruszka Deputy Chief 10/18/1910 Reserve: 9/18/1943      28-year veteran 3/17/1972 Headquarters   Foot of Slade St. Accident occurred shortly before noon on 3/21/1972 and died 15 days later of injuries suffered when a Penn Central freight train crashed into the rear of a track inspection van he was riding.
61 yrs old
Frnacis J. Candeias Lt.   3/4/1956              16-year veteran 8/13/1972 Niagara Pumper 4 555 Middle St. Severe smoke and heat inhalation after oxygen ran out while trying to rescue victim who also died in arson fire.
John Kosior Pvt. 64 yrs old 12/22/1940                    38-year veteran 3/9/1978 Globe Ladder 2 199 Columbia Street Smoke inhalation & complications, possible heart attack died in route to St. Anne’s Hospital.  He was to retire in the summer.
Ernest J. Dube Sr. Pvt. 6/16/1927 6/16/1963                         15-year veteran 12/16/1978 Center Scope 1 106 Cherry St. Collapsed of a heart attack and smoke inhalation in the basement.  Died at Union-Truesdale Hospital.
51 yrs old
Paul R. Bernard Lt. 4/25/1944 10/9/1976                        11-year veteran 10/20/1987 Candeias Engine 4 749 Quequechan Street Ran out of air
Gerald W. Nadeau District Chief 51 yrs old 6/1977                              25-year veteran 10/24/2002 Center Car 2 34 Orange St. From acute respiratory distress syndrome from a fire at 34 Orange St on 9/19/02 and other fires.  Died 35 days later at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.
      NAMES NOT ON BELL          
James Martin Blackburn Capt. 5/30/1888 Reserve: 6/23/1913 Permanent 4/25/1931 Flint While Center) Hook & Ladder 1    
42 yrs old