Snow Plowing & Removal

During the winter season, the department manages & dispatches salting and plowing operations. The severity of a storm dictates the response as to the number and type of vehicles dispatched to ensure resident and motorist safety. A brine solution is applied prior to storms on most main roadways, and on all city hills.  This serves to lower the freezing temperature of the streets to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and assists in helping to prevent ice-packed streets.  Private vendors assist municipal personnel in clearing snow-covered roadways. Main arteries, the city’s many hills, and hospital routes are priorities. Secondary residential streets are then serviced and maintained for the duration of the storm.  In addition, when the city sees extreme amounts of snow accumulation snow removal operations are put into place to help ensure that the essential business districts are able to operate after a significant storm.

Please be patient during storms. We understand storms can be a difficult time for all, but consider that the city encompasses 780 streets and counting, which covers approximately 280-285 miles of roadway.  As a general rule-of-thumb, three to four hours are required for municipal personnel to reach secondary streets.

If a life-threatening medical emergency occurs, please contact the police or fire department. Their dispatch personnel will contact the DPW for immediate dispatch of snow removal equipment, to assist in any way needed to help with the emergency.

Snow and Ice Control Equpment Rental Agreement 2022-2023