The Fall River Board of Election Commissioners holds the critical responsibility of adhering to all local, state, and federal election laws and regulations. This commitment extends to ensuring the smooth facilitation of various electoral processes, including the management of absentee ballots, supervision of recount operations, and certification of election results. The Board oversees the appointment, training, and direction of Election Day officials, affirming the integrity of voting precincts. Moreover, it handles an array of tasks such as certifying candidate nomination papers, conducting elections at multiple governmental levels, and executing the annual city census. Maintenance of voter lists and equipment, along with the provision of voter and census data extracts, form part of our essential services.

Striving for excellence in service, the Board is devoted to empowering the citizens of Fall River through simplified voting procedures and enhanced access to electoral participation. To realize this, we have instituted extended hours for voter registration and related activities throughout the year. Our mission encompasses administering state-mandated electoral timetables with precision, ensuring accurate and efficient service delivery within Fall River. Key initiatives include bolstering the response rates for residency information via the city census and continuous preparation for forthcoming elections through daily updates of residency and voting lists. In addition, we actively respond to public and inter-agency inquiries about population statistics, voting procedures, and other relevant information, reaffirming our dedication to serving Fall River's residents.


One Government Center
Room 636
Fall River, MA 02722