The Fall River’s Sewer Commission is responsible for the Wastewater Collection and Treatment System. Fall River’s system is primarily a Combined Sewer System transporting both sanitary and stormwater flows from approximately 75% of the sewered areas of the City. These facilities have the capacity to collect, transport and treat dry-weather. On average, 25-million gallons of sewage are treated per day. The peak hydraulic capacity for combined dry and wet-weather flow is 106-million gallons per day. For non-business hours call the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 508.672.4530.

CSO Notifications

The combined sewer system sometimes reaches capacity due to large wet weather events, and overflows or discharges into receiving waters. These combined sewer overflows (CSO) consist of untreated or partially treated sewage and waste, and become a public health risk. In an effort to notify the public of such health risks, Fall River has developed a detailed web page to provide current and historical information on CSO’s, as well as a link to subscribe to email notifications as events occur, click the CSO Outfall Map link above to view.


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